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Are you an IIT JEE aspiring student? Are you finding it difficult to make notes that will help you at the last minute? Then there is the perfect solution. We at are not just providing amazing videos that'll help you score better in your exams but also are providing free physics, chemistry and [...]

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iit jee notes

The first thing that a student needs for engineering entrance exam preparation is iit jee notes. There is the big difference between the quality quantity and usability of such notes for iit jee mains exams. The price range can be free to 15,000 INR for all subjects or sometimes more than that. The price [...]

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Best iit jee books

The set of books used by students for iit jee since 1980-90 has changed many times. This change are due to exam level, pattern and availability of study materials and coaching classes in the market. Before 1990 problems asked iit jee was not so difficult and competition was also moderate. Student had a few choice between books [...]

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I. E. Irodov book Problems in General Physics

The Best of all time I E Irodov’s Problems in general Physics has unparallel place in Physics problem books in the whole world. First publiser was Mir Publication Moskov Russia. It is now publised by various publishers in India also. It contains 1878 Problems of Physics some problems and about 200-300 is out of itt jee mains [...]

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