The Best of all time I E Irodov’s Problems in general Physics has unparallel place in Physics problem books in the whole world.

First publiser was Mir Publication Moskov Russia. It is now publised by various publishers in India also.

It contains 1878 Problems of Physics some problems and about 200-300 is out of itt jee mains advanced syllabus. If some one solving 1200 problem will be a great achievement. Three writers solutions were also available in Indian market.

That book is has all types of problems that can be asked in physics and cover almost all types of concepts. The Level of problems in this book is matche iit jee exam problem.

Problems of I. E. Irodov are numerical type, figure based and needs use of integral differential calculus too.

So Most problems of I E Irodov problem book requires very sound knowledge of various parts of mathematics

I. E. Irodov contains concept based problems mostlt numerical type and not theoretical type problem are there.

In iit jee you can see all types of problems are asked. In last decades very good numerical problems were asked in that time Irodov helped very well.
But since in new pattern new types of problems are also asked that need good theory as well.

I E irodov problems in general physics is focused on problems has no theory portion. It has list of formula used only.
I. E. Irodov has also authered books of theory in physics that are available topic wise. In fact it is best theory books but syllabus goes out of iit jee in some topics.

In one word it is the book for a student want to test themself against the numerical problems in physics.

Although without good concepts of physics and sound knowledge of mathematics solving I E Irodov Problems in  General Physics is not possible.

Almost all coaching institutes and Indian writers borrowed problems from this book for their notes.

It contain no error in answers.

It is one of a kind book in the world for physics students.
I luv the this book. And I will keep a copy of it to heaven with me.
Student must try to solve the book in class 11th itself before we recommend to
make a sound knowledge of maths from our iitjee master maths lectures.

In last two years we found that many teachers are providing video lecture on solution of Irodov problems.

It is matter of concern wether to watch this lectures on physics it it useful for IIT JEE or not.

After consulting many teachers we come to point that it should be second priority after the iit jee past paper solutions.

Since any exam preparation needs knowledge of past papers first rather than other sources of physics problem video lectures.

Video solutions of I E Irodov problems may not be legally  fit. As it is an copyrighted book.

Auther iitjee master