Let us know who sets iit jee mains and advanced paper and problems.

First we will talk about jee advanced paper, syllabus of jee advance is same as of iit jee
and is almost same since many years.
The syllabus of jee advance is little smaller than jee mains syllabus.
The problems are set by professors of iits as since years and years.
All problems are unique and newly design fresh and errorless problems.
After change in exam pattern since 2007 new types of problems are asked
like match making, passage based, numerical of single digit answer etc.
All are new and fresh problems. But remembers concepts are same as always.

The syllabus of jee mains is little more than jee advanced and it is same as of
AIEEE conducted by CBSE before jee mains started.
The syllabus is same of aieee but papers are set by iit professors now
instead of CBSE professors.

In aieee papers all problems was not fresh and errors was also there.
Now in jee mains errors are rare but only few problems are new as before and majority of
problmes are from previous exam papers of many national or state exams.

As per last year paper only 20% problems were new and only 25% were difficult while
all were average and common problems that can be seen in most books in market.

In case of online papers only 4-5 problems were tough but rest where lenghty and
errors was seen in many problems. We do not recommend online mode for that reason.

So for jee mains just go through past iit, aieee and other papers and solve 4000-5000
problems in each subject from good books that you can do and offered or take demo tests as much
as you can. Thats it.

Auther  iitjee master