The set of books used by students for iit jee since 1980-90 has changed many times. This change are due to exam level, pattern and availability of study materials and coaching classes in the market.

Before 1990 problems asked iit jee was not so difficult and competition was also moderate. Student had a few choice between books and no
coaching class culture were started. Personal tutions were the main source of iit jee preparation.

After 1990 iit jee become more tough in the sense of level of problems asked and exam copy were checked manually and step marking was also a part of marking in the examination. The most used Indian books were M L Khanna for maths, S L Gupta for physics and O P Agarwal for Chemistry. All these three books were published by J P N P Meerat. These books are the not only first good books but still are under use by many students. With the time these books became bulky edition after editions. Coaching classes was about to start and Agarwal classes Bombay and its notes were in the top options. Brilliant tutorials also was only providing notes for iit jee exams.

After this FIITJEE in Delhi started coaching and notes and it was the start of coaching notes.

The books other than Agarwal and Brilliant tutorial notes were used are Resnick and Halliday Physics, Irodov Problems in general physics.
and others. Still a good book like Resnick Halliday was not in chemistry and maths but ML Khanna never loosed its charm and utility. Many other books like Nelkon Parker and Krotov and university physics was also in use but at much lesser extent.

In chemistry J D Lee inorganic chemistry were use by some students. For J D Lee read our post in chemistry books.

With the time problem asked in iit jee become a mix of simple and smaller with moderately difficult problems. Problem asked before 2000 was much longer and difficult and even single problem was of 10 marks out of 100.

Since year 2000 Coaching class culture and their notes were become popular. Coaching classes become money making business while golden era of great problems in iit jee were already passed out before coaching era.

For books we have posts on each books to make a student a better choice. See best iit jee books category. Read our post on coaching class notes.

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