There are a lot of chapters in math which are difficult to understand at first but with proper training, they can be fun and scoring. One such chapter is integration. This chapter is an advanced mathematics concept and has a vast array of utilization. For example, integration is used in finding the area of a n irregular figure and it is even used in physics to calculate approximations.

If you are preparing for IIT JEE maths integration holds great importance in your exam preparations. Therefore, we have created a special JEE maths integration video lectures series to cover each and every concept within the topic of integration. JEE integration lectures are created keeping in mind the past questions that have appeared in the IIT JEE mains. This ensures that the student who has gone through the IITJEE maths integration video lectures does not face any difficulty in understanding any concept of integration. It also ensures that students who undergo JEE main maths integration lectures are able to solve integration question in JEE maths exam with full confidence.

Integration has a lot of formulae and understanding each one of them can be a monotonous and time consuming job. This can eventually make learning a challenge for the students. Finally, overall experience of learning integration is boring and end result is no fruitful learning at all. To avoid this, one must go through IIT JEE maths integration videos. They are interesting and focus on learning.

The approach followed in the JEE maths integration lectures is that of learning rather than that of cramming. Due to this, students learn to solve integration questions on their own without the need of asking anyone for help every now and then. These lectures also include a huge number of questions of different types. One thing that is important to understand is to ensure that any course on integration you go through should contain a good number of questions so that you get enough practice. The success to solve any integration question is through practice. It is important that you know each and every kind of question that can come in the examination. Only with practice you will be able to solve the integration questions. We know this and therefore the IIT JEE maths integration video lectures that we have made incorporate different kinds of integration questions and the right approach towards solving them. No matter whether you are starting with this unit or going for revision, indulging in IIT JEE maths integration lectures will definitely help you.