If you thought the learning a few formulae of a and b and finding some x and y values were all that maths had, this chapter is about to change everything for you. Moving a little ahead of the number system and the complex multiplications and divisions, there is a vast space filled with points and lines waiting to give you a headache and sleepless nights.

The number system was fine. It had simple math operations and involved a little thinking. But all of that had been a part of the syllabus right from the beginning of school. However, things are now a little more complex and the situation is now complicated. There is a whole new concept to learn. The point and the coordinate system is definitely the next level. Remember how you drew circles and lines in your middle school? That was the part of geometry. Now, things are going to be a little more over the top. Now you will not be given lengths and radius to draw simple figures. Now, you will be given points and coordinates and asked to find distance, derive formulae and even find areas and volumes. This is what coordinate geometry is all about.

If the above two paragraphs frightened you, the next few paragraphs will give you the strength and the solution. Yes, coordinate geometry is hard to learn and connect; but with proper training and enough practice, it can be sorted out and understood easily. In case you are preparing for IIT JEE, this chapter is even more important for you. The best way to earn is through IIT JEE maths lectures on coordinate geometry. These JEE maths videos on coordinate geometry have everything you need to learn and know about the chapter. They not only cover the main topic of the chapter like lines and planes, pairs of straight lines and all but they also cover the advanced topics like parabola and ellipse.

For some reason, many IIT JEE maths lectures on coordinate geometry fail to cover a few hard topics like hyperbola and conic sections. These topics can be the game changer for you and hence you need IIT JEE maths lectures on coordinate geometry that cover these hard to solve chapters too. These two topics have been repeated several times in the JEE over the last few years. Therefore, it would be totally foolish to skip these topics. Also, make sure that you only go through the course that covers everything from straight lines to the hardest question of hyperbola.

More than just covering a topic, you need a course that can explain the working of methods. The lectures that can explain all the formulae and stuff related to the easy as well as hard topics are the IIT JEE maths lectures on coordinate geometry that you should be buying and following. Buying something incomplete and repenting later on will only ruin your JEE examination and on top of it, spoil your career too.

coodinate geometry