I remember when we are preparing for engineering exams there were nothing like test series. But now a days there are tons of  iit jee test series are available some paid and some free. Big brand test series are also there and most jee student join at least one test series. Now we will talk about test and its benefits and losses.

The main points under the talk are

  • Whether to join a iit jee test series or not?
  • What are the benefits of test series?
  • When to join a test series?
  • What about daily test or daily practice problems?

Before answering all above let me list all of aims of iit jee test series.

  1. To test Knowledge
  2. To test speed
  3. To test talent
  4. To test accuracy
  5. To build exam hall confidence
  6. Predict relative ranking

Almost every test series for iit jee claims these benefits. But is it really true? Let us examine it first before I answer all that questions.

  1. Almost all test series I found have more or less puzzling and having out of syllabus or out of pattern questions. This is because every institute wants to show that it has great knowledge and resources. These competition kills basic aim in most test series in the market.
  2. Speed test has no meaning when problems are puzzling and taking more than appropriate time.
  3. Talent is born and cannot be improved or tested by such tests. In fact most students try to test themselves by tests. It is a wrong notion that if he is talented he will solve more problems. IIT JEE problem solving all it take knowledge presence of mind and experience with problems. By joining test series or doing problem before learning some or little is as dangerous as to jump in water without learning swimming.
  4. Yes Accuracy can be check by tests of test series. But the question is that when you are solve unrelated problems then how can you get correct result of accuracy.
  5. After doing test series problems exam hall confidence is attained and it is a good thing but this can be in a better way, As if you do it yourself at home you can get better exam hall confidence.
  6. No one can predict a rank correctly as JEE mains topper with 100% marks is not in top list of jee advance. Rank all it depends on many factors. Rank improves continuously as knowledge and skill grows. Focus on skills and knowledge not on predicted rank.

After all above facts we will not advice to join a iit jee test series. No benefit can be drawn from time and money invested on test series.

Yes daily appropriate questions based tests can be best for along with video lectures for iit jee.

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