Now a day a big fraction of class 9th and 10th student is keen to start iit jee preparation. Mostly seeking iit jee foundation video lectures. In reality no company provides good iit jee video lectures especially for lower classes. Off course we are in the list of that kind of company.

Let me describe the reasons behind why there are no good video lectures for iit jee foundation.

  1. The syllabus is not defined for class 9th and 10th student who are willing to prepare for iit jee.
  2. Level of problem cannot be determined for these students.
  3. The depth to which a chapter should be thought cannot be defined.

Still there is a way to prepare for iit jee with video lectures in lower classes. Let us understand the opportunity to use the time and energy of young genius.

iit jee foundation course

What can be done let us point out.

First we need to learn complete lower class syllabus whether you are in 9th or 10th . Better to do both class syllabuses via video lectures. The reason behind this is that both classes have similar chapters but in different depth so doing both increase knowledge of a topic.

Second use video lectures for ncert exercise solutions as well to get the problem solving edge.

Third solve past papers of National talent search exam (NTSE). NTSe problems are very good and well above level of lower classes that gives good ideas of subjects.

In my knowledge none of iit jee video lecture provider provides all above.

There one best way for juniors that is to start iit jee lectures is from lower classes. Although some problems can come initially but with the time it will become normal. If you have good source of video lectures for iit jee like us you can start and remain ahead of all. The good news is that we are going to provide iit jee foundation video lectures as well.

Our iit jee foundation lectures covers all the basic requirement for jee preparation from lower classes. We can say it is true iit jee foundation course. What we are going to deliver.

We have School syllabus theory plus ncert video solutions. We also will have NTSE video lectures that helps iit jee students. Our video lectures for iit jee had test in junior class student and found useful for them equally. There nothing wrong if you read higher class course early because one day you have to do that.

So if you have both types for video lectures for jee you will be a champ. No doubt about that.