Around one million students write the JEE exam every year, in hopes of securing a seat in the few prestigious IITs in India. In a sea of hungry fish including the repeaters and even re-repeaters, nearly anything can give first-timers the edge in the relentless competition. Enter iit jee foundation courses. Basically what it is a head start for competitors? Students generally start with entrance coaching once they’re in the eleventh grade. However, the foundation course offers an earlier entry to the nature of competitive exams, starting sometimes, with classes as low as sixth grade.

The main benefit of an IIT JEE foundation course is in the fact that students are more prepared and more experienced in time for the D-Day. Based on the principle of ‘practice makes perfect’, IITJEEmaster offers foundation courses for ninth and tenth graders.

iit foundation course

Foundation courses are subjected to a lot of queries. Are they really necessary? Do they make a difference? How will it affect my ward’s overall performance at school? Won’t it affect my ward’s schedule? All of these are good questions, but the results go to show that iit jee foundation courses are shown to push the children in the right direction.

We at IITJEEmaster have always enforced the importance of reading and understanding the textbook in order to clarify concepts. Throughout the foundation course, concepts are given the utmost importance, so that students are one step ahead of their competition. We strongly believe two years of concept-focused study followed by two years of application-based study is a sure ticket to IIT. Combined with our dual language interface, and special emphasis on previous years’ questions, students are already halfway through their journey once they’ve completed the foundation course for ninth and tenth.

Switching to online iit jee videos not only help save time for busy ninth and tenth graders but are a refreshing change from the usual text-notebook situation on their desks, and our students often enjoy the change. Repeated reviewing also helps develop their photographic memory, which as opposed to their short-term memory, is much more useful for a longer duration of time. Our learning system offers a more fun and less stressful environment for them to learn. Combined with the experts who are always open to questions and doubts, students will have a very easy time understanding and apply the concepts in questions.

So if you want that seat in one of most prestigious institutions of India, IITJEEmaster proves to be the right choice. We can help you like no one else. Get enrolled today!