IIT JEE exam is one of the biggest events in a life of a student of maths stream. The fight starts right from class 9th. Some students try to start iit jee preparation from class 6th as well. Whenever you start real preparation starts from class 11th only. Although many courses in the name iit jee foundation course are available in the market. Let us understand what these are and how it is different from iitjeemaster lectures for jee foundation.

With our experience of 24 years of jee coaching, we come to understand that there is a big difference between class 9th and 10th course and iitjee syllabus.  In reality, this can easily be achieved by real maths stream students. Some are not able to cope up so they give up maths ultimately.

This means a real maths student have better brain and he can do some extra work in lower classes as well.  That is why he starts searching an iit jee foundation course. After searching a lot no can get real foundation course. Why?

  • There is no properly defined course structure for it.
  • It is not a part of any school level curriculum.
  • Problems for examples not set by any institute or book writer.
  • Most teachers are not aware and are incapable to teach iitjee foundation.

Because every iit jee coaching teacher teaches only higher secondary, almost all of such teacher never thought lower classes. Also, the lower class teacher is not able to cope up with higher classes’ iit jee video coaching or other. Hence iit jee foundation course videos is a rarely found entity.

iit ee foundation course for class 9th 10th

Only our team of one man army has the quality and ability to do it for iitjee students. He has studied all the courses and started building jee foundation lectures. The main challenge is covering the topic with is not common and making all smooth transition between the levels of study.

IIT JEE is a very tough competitive exam and foundation course can be best of the best move towards an IIT. Most of the students have an attraction towards coaching classes and finally, they get nothing out of it. After learning through IJM iitjee foundation course no one will join such institute as it will be simply waste of resources.

The aim of jee foundation course to start the journey towards IIT in a proper and planned manner. We will recommend every student who can afford iit jee foundation video lectures should go for it without any delay. The time is more valuable than the money that they are going to spend for study.