There is a common misconception that in order for one to get into one of the leading IIT-JEE colleges of India, they need to drop a year after their twelfth grade in order to study solely for the entrance examination. While it may be better for individuals who have a tough time coping with the stress of school and coaching, it is in no way necessary, and in a lot of cases may be better to study both together. The decision whether to repeat is obviously, crucial to the young iit jee droppers students since it affects a lot of different things down the road for them.

Dropping a year obviously takes up a lot of time, and can entirely change the course for a young aspirant. We at IITJEEmaster believe that dropping a year is completely beneficial and that a hard working student can get in on their big results. To make things easier, one can even use our IIT JEE videos, in which we have focused on the basics first and then the other parts. We at JEEmaster solely believe that the key to success in the mains is by making sure the basics are crystal clear and always at the fingertips.

iit jee droppers video courses

Our teaching assistance starts from as early as 9th grade and is all based offline courses for iit jee, with an array of mock tests and innovative video lectures to learn the concepts which are so important for IIT-JEE. Our team of experts can help clear all your doubts, any time you need. Courses for class 11 and 12 comprises of conceptual and application-based study which is what you will need for the final test.

But is it necessary to take a drop year? Well, our experts have listed a few pros and cons of taking a drop year.


  • You can prepare more extensively as you know where your weakness lies in. Our physics, chemistry, and maths IIT JEE videos have a lot of tricks and are in a simple language which will help you prepare better.
  • You may end up in a better place than you are going to if you don’t take a drop.
  • Better Study Means Better rank, Better College, Better Degree and finally better Job and Career.
  • Video lectures for jee droppers are highly useful to achieve their dream.


  • You will be one year behind your fellow mates.

The IIT is a prestigious institution and getting in requires a herculean effort. But there is no need for you to drop a year. Join us at and we can help take you to greater heights. We are here to help you, contact us today!