Iit jee mains online exam and offline mode comparison is the demand of time. Every student going to appear in iit jee mains exams has to decide on these options. The main cause of concern is what is the difference in paper and what can be the effect of that on the score of iit jee mains exams. Second thing is that attempting the paper in online and offline mode has a lot of variations.

Let tell you what can be the difference in questions. Although pattern will be the same source of question is a very big difference. In offline mode, only one paper is designed by top iit professors and teachers. The questions are very designed and planned. Some questions can be old but most are fresh and the main thing is that is error free. In online mode of iit jee mains examination runs several days and every paper is entirely different. Paper setters are not in a position to create new question also not in a position to check them against errors.

IIT JEE Mains online

So we are sure online paper comes with errors and we have to be ready to face them. That is why I personally not favor an online mode of iit jee mains exam.

Another point is the way in which we handle problem reading and solving. We read a paper on a screen and solve them on a paper and we need to look at screen several times. In this way, we have to move neck and eyes too many times up and down. Our eye has to set iris again and again for light intensity and that is very tiring. This will take a lot-lot time and we cannot solve numerical type problems easily. While doing theoretical problems is easy on a screen.

Switching and searching easy problems is very difficult in online mode on iit jee mains exam. In offline jee mains it is very much easy and desired to search and do easy problem first. This will save time and give more marks. A student should try and read both type of paper from past years and then decide what can be done in better way.

In all offline mode is better than online iit jee mains exam. It has fewer errors also take less time to solve problems. Also, it gives freedom to choose simple problems easily. We recommend only offline jee mains exam if it an option available or we should ready to deal with erroneous paper on a PC screen.