As soon student passes out class 10th he starts his iit jee preparations. He searches around and finds many ways like listed here.

  • Class room coaching
  • Private tuitions for Schools
  • Online coaching for iit jee
  • E learning courses for jee mains like video lecturers

The main question is not joining any course but is that how to start iit jee preparation. Here I have solved this for students. Basically IIT JEE preparation means to start learning physics mathematics and chemistry for schools as well for competitions.

Since class 11th physics requires sound knowledge of calculus, coordinate geometry, vectors, algebra and almost all maths of senior classes. We recommend starting with maths only even not a single chapter of chemistry or physics. The idea behind this approach is to avoid hurdle of maths in understanding of physics. Similarly chemistry is started with physical chemistry and that also needs a lot physics concepts.

So we start with maths only. Now we will focus the parts of maths which we should learn first. Obliviously class 11th maths will be done first then class 12 maths and details are given below.

Do algebra first that is in 11th class (M1 part of course) and then do class 12th portions.   Then in the last do M3. In M3 Do Vector and 3d only if you are in class 10th or 11th. After this maths start Mechanics in iit jee physics and then physics part 2.In last do only one chapter of P3 that is Electrostatics Part 1. Just need to do theory only if you are in 10th or 11th class. If you are in class 12th do iit jee physics for as you wish. But all above needs to do as stated.

After physics parts P1, P2 and electrostatics do Physical Chemistry. Do Atomic Structure Periodicity and Bonding First then other Physical Chemistry Chapters. After this do inorganic and last organic chemistry.

In Maths Start Algebra and then trigonometry then coordinate geometry. In algebra do like this Quadratic equation and then AP GP and exponent log series then Permutation and Complex numbers etc. Algebra, Trigonometry, 2D Geometry, first theory then EEE level problems then JEE Past papers. Repeat theory if not cleared in once.

As soon maths is done you feel physics study much easier. Learning jee physics will be a lot faster and better than before, and you will not only catch up other students but will go far beyond than them. Learning maths and physics before the chemistry will make jee chemistry very simple. As it is very small in syllabus and have small and easy topics you will finish it in a fortnight or two.

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How to start iit jee preparation