Most students do not know how to attempt iit jee exam papers. It is very important factor to crack iitjee but left untouched. There is no doubt that in success in jee mains exam needs talent and knowledge. But exam paper handling can make a good student fail in exam and pass a relatively weaker student.

Here I will tell how it happens. Most students try to cover entire syllabus and practices every type of questions. In the exam hall they try out every problem and that waste his time in the exam hall.

They try all problems in an order as given in the paper. This is the biggest mistake because if a tough section is asked in start of paper it will damage everything. It will waste all time and hence whole exam.

In iit jee mains or iit jee advanced exams may sets are prepared from same questions just order of questions are shuffled. You may be lucky if you got simple question first and moderate onwards and in the end tough once. But even best luck cannot support in all papers.

You must know all problems cannot be solved by most students. In every exam paper there is a combination of simple average and tough problems. Also a student may have weaker or stronger knowledge in a topic or subject. So he/she need to go through all the paper as soon as he/she gets it. In this first reading he has to judge the level of paper and estimate the time to solve problems as per his strength in various topics.

In the start of paper he must solve problems which are easier and less time consuming. Then go for medium level problem in iit jee exam paper. In the last he has to solve difficult or lengthy problems.

Thus IIT JEE paper needs to scan at least three times to solve it. In first round solve simple once leave others.  Then next level problems and finally tough problems. Instead of solving tough he may choose to solve lengthy simple problem if he have a spare time. That will be a good idea because tough problem be wrong or unsolved by some students.

More than 50% good student fails in this exam because of bad way to solve iit jee paper in exam hall.

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