Matter forms a very important part of physics. A lot of concepts are based on this simple term. In fact, the universe is based and works on matter. When a concept is so important, you should definitely go for only those training courses that can precisely and correctly explain the topic. One of the methods is to study with the help of books and notes. Where as a modern and a better way is through video lectures. This method is especially useful if you are preparing for an entrance exam like IIT JEE. IIT JEE physics lectures on properties of matter take you through each and every concept of matter and its properties. This training material explains all the things that are related to this interesting topic in great detail.

IIT JEE physics videos on properties o matter talk about all the three states of matter. In fact, these videos talk about the advanced states of matter like plasma as well. Here is a quick overview of all the topics covered in IIT JEE physics lectures on properties of matter.

Kinetic Theory of Gases: Honestly, out of all the states of matter, gases are the ones that require the most learning. This is because there are many laws associated with them. For JEE entrance exam, kinetic theory of gases is the most important of them all. The IIT JEE physics lectures on properties of matter explain this theory is detail and even teaches you to solve numerical.

Elasticity: Another topic that student find hard to understand and grab is elasticity.  There are many numbers and constants that student must understand and remember to ace in this chapter. IIT JEE physics videos on properties of matter enable the student to learn them at his or her own pace.

Surface Tension: This is a scoring chapter in JEE physics exam. The formulae are easy to remember and numerical are even easier to solve. The concepts of this chapter are also used in some advanced chapters of physics later on. If your current study material does not cover this chapter, you are going to have a hard time during the IIT JEE entrance examination.

Waves and Oscillation: Over the last few years, this chapter has become one of the favorite questions of JEE physics exam. Thus, special stress must be laid on this unit. As a result of this, IIT JEE physics lectures on properties of matter explain in much detail all the terminology used within this chapter. This chapter also has a lot of different kinds of numerical. It is important to understand the kinds of numerical that can be asked in the examination. Once you know all the kinds of numerical that can be asked in a JEE examination, it becomes easy to solve them during the exam.

Apart from these, IIT JEE physics video lectures on properties of matter also cover chapters like Simple harmonic motion, Heat transfer and thermodynamics. The content of the videos is thoroughly researched and produced by the best faculty. This means that you get nothing but the best quality video lectures.