Topic of function is very big and topics related to it are limits, continuity and differentiation.
Although this is first topic in calculus for jee maths lectures, but most teacher do not teach it
at first priority. This leads to mess up all the jee maths, as calculus is very important subject.
It is the most useful topic for physics as well. So being week in calculus will be disastrous.

Without video lectures of maths functions it is not possible to understand limits continuity or differentiability.
Most teacher starts calculus with limits because problem solving in limits is easy and student enjoys it.
This way teacher gets confidence of students but student do not get confident in functions yet.
Problems on limits needs idea of functions. But it is managed by teachers some how and time passes away.

But all that practice finally wastes time, and knowledge is still incomplete.
So we recommend to learn maths video lectures of functions before limit and continuity videos.

Preparation of iit jee maths video lectures of functions can be the best way to start the calculus.
Functions is big topic so student need to understand what exactly he has to learn.

Here is the property of function that we learn for maths video lectures for iit jee.

  •  Functions are real.
  •  Functions are single valued.
  •  Functions are of single variable.

Types of function we learn

  • Inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Logarithmic function.
  • Algebraic functions.
  • Trigonometric functions.
  • Exponential functions.

Algebraic function have so many types and others are called transcendental functions.
Keeping importance of function we should learn it at first place.
How to find domain and range of functions?
That is the most asked question. And it can be answered only after correct knowledge of functions.
After that student will be able to get all of limits continuity in less time, and whole calculus be matter of a few days.

Before calculus student must finish Algebra Trigonometry and Coordinate geometry.
Unless every thing will be just waste of time.

Watch the lecture on iit jee maths functions

Funtions iit jee video Maths lecture
Funtions iit jee video math