Maths for iit jee physics video lectures

Study of iit jee physics by video lectures is very good idea, that can be very beneficial for jee students.
The main hurdle in study of physics is the weak maths. Almost every chapter physics needs sound knowledge of maths.
Although we study basic maths before we start study of physics but it is not sufficient. To understand why it is not enough,
let us list out topic wise need of maths.

One and two dimensional motion needs algebra like equation solving, logarithms, trigonometry ratios, identities,
coordinate geometry, calculus and vectors.
Gravitation needs binomial theorem and definite integration.
That means only first chapter of physics needs almost all maths of class 11th and 12th.
Newtons laws of motion, SHM and rotational mechanic video lectures needs differential equations.
Wave motion need idea of trigonometric equations additionally.
For optics conic section topics from coordinate geometry is needed.

Optics needs idea of 3d and vectors with all other maths.

Electricity and magnetism are already defame due to use of differential equations.
Modern physics uses exponent and logs to solve problems.

So almost all maths is needed in the study when prepare, for jee mains and, for jee advance by physics video lectures.

Topic to read before physics videos for iit jee are finally.

  •  Quadratic equations, Binomial theorem and exponential and logarithms.
  •  Trigonometric ratios and equations and inverse trigonometry.
  •  Coordinate geometry of 2 and 3 dimensions from point to conic sections.
  •  Entire calculus from function to integrations, differentiation and differential equations.
  •  Vectors sum, dot and cross products. (Sometimes differentiation of vector is also needed.)
  •  For few problems of 1 d motion and alternating currents avg needed.
  •  In thermo dynamics some idea of mean mode and median is also needed.

Off course, Learning that much maths means student has to give full time for maths.
Maths itself is big subject in fact the toughest one.
So what to do for this maths.

Yes, Study at any coaching center will not give that all maths.
Coaching center starts all three subject at the same time.
That only confuses a student between all topics.
Only iit jee maths video lectures can do this for a student.

Because any maths chapter can be learnt any time any where.
Student can do proper start of iit jee preparation.

Finally get the best of iit jee master videos for maths and do it first, then do physics then chemistry.

IIT JEE maths physics lecture videos

Maths video for jee physics preparation