Most student who preparing for iit jee in a coaching institute in Kota feels dissatisfied with the system.
These students adopts extra methods for jee preparation. One of them is video lectures.
Student first tries iit jee study material and test series of other intitutions. Only a small part of about 5% goes for video lectures.
Although this figure is increasing every year but very slowly.

The reasons behind this are.
1. Low quality video lectures.
2. Unavailability of PC /Laptops or other devices.
3. Cost of lectures are very high.
4. Confusion between many products.
5. Incomplete course in these video lectures for iit jee.
6. Content quatity and quality very poor.

This factors are very unfortunate but are not going to effect any more.
Because iit jee master is now available in Kota.
The point wise discription why it is best goes here.
1. It is High quality content prepared by top ranker.
2. It is availale in almost any device like in windows PC/tablet phone or in android phone.
3. Cost is about pocket money of a month.
4. It is unique and no other content is such digitized.
5. Complete course that is to the point and solves almost all past problems.
6. The content size is 700 hrs and of very good quality.

So student of Kota can have better preparation and bettter results.
The number student who can join iit jee video lectures can jump to 20% in very first year.