IIT JEE video lectures on mobile phones is a promising future tool for students.
Most iit jee coaching providers now provides video lectures on mobile phone as well.
They delivers learning content on SD card that content is played by mobile apps.
Two major OS used in India by mobile users are Android and windows.
Almost all coaching institute provides content that uses android app no institute provides it in windows mobile OS.
Only iit jee master provides video lecture content for windows mobile app as well as in android mobile app.
Let us compare content quality, quantity and the cost of licenses. Most providers used 32GB SD card and video quantity less than 250 hours.
Quality of such video is very poor because it is highly compressed. Video lectures provided by napellus edutech is only content that
is available in 32 GB with 700 hrs video in HD quality.
And the cost of iit jee physics video lectures in mobile phone is nearly one fourth as compare to others.
Cost of maths and chemistry lectures are also very much less on windows mobile or android apps.
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