Get started with IIT JEE 2017

IIT JEE 2017 is months away and these last few months before the examination is extremely crucial. Assuming that you began you preparations in class XI, the next few months should be spent thoroughly revising the syllabus and solving as many different types of questions as you can.

About IIT JEE:

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. It is the first paper in the two part exam process for admission in the IITs, NITs, and other centrally and state-funded technical institutions. The top 150,000 pupils who clear JEE Main will be eligible to take JEE Advanced, for admission to the prestigious IITs across the country.

IIT JEE (Main) – The first hurdle

For aspiring IIT candidates, the first hurdle on the way is IIT JEE (Main). It is a highly competitive exam where students are given ranks, based on their performance in the examination. The level of questions is high and rather difficult, in comparison to usual class XII board examinations. It requires at least a year’s preparation, if not more and a lot of dedication from the student.

Students are expected to not only have a vast and clear understanding of theoretical knowledge of all the topics, but to also know how to apply that knowledge to specific problems. Thus, speed is the key when it comes to IIT JEE. If you are thorough with all the concepts, elimination of the incorrect choices will become a lot simpler, enabling you to give more time to difficult questions.

When to start

Ideally, you should have started preparing for IIT JEE 2017, in October or November 2015. For those who will be appearing in 2015, start once you have completed nearly 50 percent of your class XI syllabus. Give adequate time to all three subjects, that is, physics, chemistry and maths. In the later stages, give more time to your weaker areas.

It is advisable to study regularly to avoid overburdening of work later. With a disciplined study timetable and regular hard work, IIT JEE 2014 won’t be such a hard nut to crack.