Plan your preparations for IIT JEE 2017

Most of the students find it difficult to study for both boards and IIT entrance exams. The toughest part is when students are left with little time for IIT JEE Preparations and boards are soon to come. This usually happens with students who never consider planning as an important aspect. When students fail to follow a structured study pattern, they tend to mess up!

Therefore, planning your preparations for studies and exams is very essential. How does it work?

Plan your preparations

Before you head towards planning, be clear with your goals. Gather all the related information about the exams you will appear for. Important dates, syllabus, portions, study materials etc. If you want to change your mind on your goals, do it immediately even before structuring a proper study plan.

Next, list down the subjects that you are good at and those that never get down your head. This helps in time management. Plan your preparations in a such way that your core study time is invested on difficult subjects. Studying 5 hours a day is definitely a good practice. But if you can study for 2 hours with complete concentration, then nothing like it!

Choose the time you are most comfortable to study, be it early mornings or late nights. Make it a point not to skip your schedule at any cost. Plan a set of topics to be covered and go accordingly. Skipping the topics that you do not understand is a big NO NO! Find ways to understand the concepts thoroughly.


Revise all the topics, concepts and formulas regularly. Revision is the only way to get perfect with the subject. So, it is better if you allot a good number of hours for revisions. Next best thing that you ought to do is to solve previous year question papers. Yes, have as many question papers of previous years for you to solve along with the practice papers.

Above all this, do not miss your regular classes and take help of your teachers!

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