Among the entire video lecture for iit maths that you may have watched so far, this topic is the most interesting. It is one of those topics in the syllabus of IIT-JEE mains maths examinations. That helps you score good marks. 3D Coordinate geometry is one of those topics. That will provide you a detailed understanding of a wider curriculum of maths examinations.

3 dimension coordinate geometry is a level higher to 2 dimension coordinate geometry. Under 2 dimension coordinate geometry you must have studied that the certain formulas remain same. Such as distance formula, concept of line, concept of circle, concept of equations, locus origin and others. Apart from these topics, there are other concepts also that you will learn under 3 dimension.

However, in this maths video lecture for jee, we will understand “3 dimension coordinate geometry” with quite similar equations but at an advanced level.

In 2 dimensions you will find a single plane. However, under 3 dimensions you will find more than one plane. Under 3 dimension coordinate geometry you will find three axis. Which are namely – x, y, z. The coordinates of any point under 3 dimensions will be in terms of (x,y,z).

While watching this jee maths video lecture, you may have learned all the concepts in 2 dimensions coordinate geometry. However, as you go on watching this JEE video lecture, you will learn that there is much more to discover.

In this video lecture we have also explained the concept of origin, position vector, section formulas etc. The section formula in coordinate geometry helps us to understand the coordinates. That is of the point of a line segment which is divided into two, such that the length of each part is in ratio. It is the middle point of a line that divides the entire line equally. In this case, section formula helps us to know the exact point that divides the line into two halves in the form of a ratio.

Also you will be able to understand the method of computing distance using section formulas. As you go through this video lecture, you will understand how well the concepts have been explained in each of the videos.

These video topics are self explanatory and will give you thorough understanding of the mathematics examination.

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