IIT JEE video lectures for maths are designed to give you a practical approach towards the curriculum. In the previous videos you must have acquired practical knowledge about various topics. In this video lecture you understand yet another interesting topic on your mathematics subject.

We will be learning about Complex numbers. Though the term may sound complex yet our illustrations will make it too simple for you.

Similar to the real numbers and real algebra, you will be able to understand complex numbers and complex algebra. In real algebra you have addition, substation, multiplication and division. Similarly in complex numbers you have similar addition, substation, multiplication and division.

Complex numbers comprises of two numbers. In other words, they are made up of two numbers. The complex numbers comprises of two parts. One part is the real part and the other part is the imaginary part. This can be represented as below:

Complex numbers = Real Part + I (Imaginary Part)

Hence if a complex number is denoted by z, then the equation will be z = a (Real part) + I * b (Imaginary part)

The above equation can also be represented by z = (a,b) , this form is known as the ordered pair where one part is real and another is imaginary. Also, they are in the order of first part being real and second being imaginary.

Real part may be easily understandable by you. But coming to the imaginary part you must be wondering about its complexity. However, you do not need to worry about that. Complex numbers are very easy and useful algebra to understand.

Through these jee maths videos we tend to make you understand the crux of every topic. All that you need is watch these video lectures on JEE main examinations carefully and not to miss any part.

Now let us know what is “I” in this case?

“I” is the imaginary unit. Just like real unit in real numbers such as 1, -1, -2, 3, -3, 2.34, 2.56 etc. Similarly, imaginary unit are imaginary numbers such as 2i, 3i, 2.48i, -2i, 4i etc. Here I is the imaginary number. Our unit is thus imaginary.

You may think that what the practical use of such complex numbers is. Well the answer is that the complex algebra numbers are used in electric circuits. In your JEE examinations this topic holds a very important role.

complex numbers maths video