In each of the video lectures for IIT JEE maths examinations, we have given extra efforts to make the concept clear. Apart from his we also give you a quick brief on the topic. After this we proceed with the explanation of the topic. This helps you to remember what you have already studied.

Our topic for this video lecture is definite integral. As compared to indefinite integral which has no limits, definite integral is based on certain limits. This topic has lot of formulas so make sure to concentrate in the entire video lecture.

It is an indefinite integral. As mentioned before that indefinite integral has no limits, definite integrals have upper and lower limits. In the given formula, here “a” is the lower limit and “b” is the upper limit.

In writing solution to definite integrals, you need to always remember the fundamental theorems. These theorems will help you to understand and solve the problems easily.

The definite integral will be having the upper and lower limit.

While watching video lectures on this topic, always remember that definite integrals have the upper and lower limits.

Under the NEWTON formula if you need to find the integration of this, then the integral value will be [F(x)](F(b) – F(a)).

In all the theorems remember whether you can integrate a particular function or not and then proceed. Use can easily use Newton formula to find the function of integration. Even before your IIT-JEE maths examinations. Let us try to make a list of all the important theorems you have studied so far. This will help you keep a track of the theorems and important formulas.

Where necessary we have also tried to explain the difference in definite and indefinite integrals.

We should understand definite integration as finding the value for f(x)dx where in dx is the increment in the value of x , where the value increases from a to b. As the value travels from “a” to “b”, the value of dx also changes accordingly.

Few concepts that are explained in this video lecture are very important from examination point of view.

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