The topic of this video lecture for IIT-JEE mains advance maths video lecture is determinants.  Determinant implies something that leads a decision or makes something happen through it.  In “Latin” determinants means determining. Thus, determinant is basically the compact form of some expressions.

We have tried to keep this maths video lecture as simple as possible. Our main efforts are to give you an easy understanding of the topic determinant. This chapter makes you score good marks in your IIT-JEE mains maths examination. Hence, you have to make sure to understand this video lecture completely.

Suppose there are lots of big expressions. Such as abc+def, abf-cde+gfh…….. etc. Now instead of writing so many long expressions. We can also use short expressions. These expressions are simple and can be easily expressed.

Now, in the matrices chapter you must have learned about determinant of matrices. However, matrices are juts arrangement and do not have a value till we do not calculate its determinant. The symbol of matrices is [ ]. In case of determinant, we use two long bars.

In this lecture, you will also find complete explanation of the determinant of second order. For example: A =    is the given matrix.  Hence, the determinant value of |A| will be|a b||c d|.

Now the value of this will be derived by first multiplying a*d = ad, and then multiply b*c = bc. This will come in the form of ad – bc. This means you are multiplying upper left corner element to right lower corner element. Similarly, you are multiplying the right top corner element to left lower corner element.  Hence, this will be the value of second order determinant.

These video lectures are completely based on step by step approach. The reason behind designing such type of JEE maths video lectures is not to miss a single step towards simple video explanations.

The meaning of two by two determinants, as explained above is that it has two rows and two columns. Here you will find element in the form of two squares. Hence, you have four elements in the two order determinant.

Its value is one unique value only and it cannot have more than one value. Similarly, in this video lecture, you will be able to understand concepts of third order determinant as well.