IIT-JEE maths conic section video lectures on the topic mathematics are designed to give practical insights to the students. Each JEE topic explained in video lectures are self illustrative. In this video lecture we will be learning about a very interesting topic – Ellipse.

The general form of equation of ellipse is: ax2 + 2 hxy + by2 + 2gx + 2fy + c = 0. The general equation of all conic is same. We get the general form of equation when we are given information about focus etc. With the help of this information, we get the equation of the ellipse. General equation represents an ellipse which has origin at its center and the coordinated axes along.

The general form of equation represents ellipse if the delta is not equal to zero and h2 < ab. Also, for ellipse eccentricity is less than 1.  It represents circle if eccentricity is 0, delta not equal to 0, a=b and h=0. For ellipse the eccentricity is less than 1 but for circle the eccentricity is equal to 0.

Maths video lectures on ellipse will help you understand the basic concepts of ellipse. These include directrix, focal length, focus etc. It will help you give an easy practical approach to the understanding of ellipse equations.

This video lecture on IIT-JEE maths topic will help you to raise your knowledge about ellipse a step further. It also helps you understand the difference in the general equation patterns of ellipse and circle based on the eccentricity.

Suppose you have a certain point p on the axis. In this case consider, the distance from that point to a line and the distance from the fixed point. Or you may say the perpendicular distance (N) and the Focus point distance from the fixed point (P) is denoted by e = PF/ PN. If this is less than 1, then it is the equation of an ellipse. It is kind of a shape of an egg or oval. It has two focuses with corresponding directrix. For example earth moon and other planets move in elliptical shape around the moon.

IIT-JEE mains examinations are an important examination and ellipse is an important chapter of mathematics curriculum. This video lecture will help you know the overall concept of the topic ellipse.

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