In these IITJEE maths video lectures, our main motive is to drive the students towards best results. Undoubtedly passing is important, but getting highest score is a dream for all JEE students. We have designed these videos to make students achieve that dream.

This video lecture on IIT-JEE integration maths examination is based on Integration. We have already studied differentiation before integration. Differential calculus and integral calculus has an important relation. Integration and differentiation are reverse process to one another. They are also known as anti-differential because they are anti-process to one another.

In integration, differential of a function is denoted by d F(x)/ dx, this means rate of change of function f(x) with rate of change in x. If small f(x) is the derivative of capital F(x), then we can say that summation of small f(x) with respect to dx, will be the capital F(x). In this case, summation of all f(x) is multiplied by differential x. Now you need to remember here that dx always tends to zero only.

Hence, if the derivative of F(x) is the small f(x), then the integration of small f(x) will be capital F(x). This point is to be remembered throughout in this JEE maths examination video lecture.

Differential calculus is a bit vast but one of the most important topic of your IIT-JEE examination. These video lectures have illustrations to give you better understanding of the relevant topic.

The basic theorem of integration explains that capital F(x) is the primitive of small f(x), small f(x) is the derivative of capital F(x). Being the derivative or primitive of one another is also a different process. Primitive can also be called the integrant. If you do the summation of small parts then particular part is complete.

Integration cells are yet an important part of this JEE topic. When all the summation is done, then we get the cell which is complete in itself. Apart from the general understanding of concepts, understanding the theorems are also very important.

In these jee mains video lectures, you will be able to make notes of all the important theorems for future revision. Try to understand the concepts first and then revise the content of that particular topic.

Apart from this integration have other rules as well. You do not need to learn all the formulas. In case you know the differential, you will be able to memorize the integration part.

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