In these IIT-JEE advanced maths video lectures we will be discussing about the topic limits. Limits are again a very important chapter in your IIT-JEE maths examination. Students get frequent questions from this topic. Also, if you know the process of doing these sums correctly, then there are high chances of scoring good marks. Apart from this, initially when you start solving problems of limits, after functions, they seem to be simple and easy.

After this you gain confidence in solving problems. However, limits are a chapter that demands a lot of conceptual understanding. One has to know the concepts strongly to solve the sums at IIT-JEE level.

Firstly we need to understand what limits are and what the need to find out limits is. In limits, we will understand the concepts of the limiting value. In other chapters you must have learned that a particular value is equal to something. However, here you will learn the limiting values.

Limits are denoted by lim as denoted above. In this chapter you will learn several concepts based on the method of calculation of limits.

Further you will learn about Left hand limit and Right hand limit which is another important concept of this topic on limits and continuity. Also you will learn about conditions for existence of limits.  Limit cannot be said that they are used to find out solutions to difficult functions, At times we may know the value before reaching to the solution.

In these IIT-JEE maths videos, you will need to follow a synchronized procedure right from beginning to understanding left and right hand limits as well. Left hand limit and right hand limit are to be equal. When left hand limit at a point is equal to right hand limit from a point, it is said that limit exists at the point. This means when left hand limit and right hand limit is equal then the limit definitely exists.

This entire process will be understood by illustrative examples mentioned in this video. Also, you will be able to revise what you must have studies in class 12th syllabus. Limits and continuity will help you understand many concepts in other chapter and is therefore one of the most important chapters of IIT-JEE maths examination syllabus.

iit jee maths limits lectures