In this maths video lecture for iit jee, we will learn about parabola. It comes under the conic section of the IIT-JEE examination maths syllabus. Parabola is basically a special type of conic section. That looks like an arc. Points on the parabola are equally located from a fixed point known as the focus and straight line, which is also fixed, known as directrix.

When a cone is cut from various angles, then you get the conic sections which include hyperbola. Other are parabola and ellipse. If we need to find the conic section in two dimension coordinate geometry, then we need to understand the entire concept as explained in this JEE maths video lecture. Few of important concepts explained in this video lecture are: focus and the directrix, axis of symmetry and the vertex. Vertex is in middle of the focus and the directrix and is the sharpest turn made.

Understanding conics is only possible when you are able to understand its detailed concepts as explained in theses video lectures. Only when you understand the concepts of focus, directrix, vertex, etc you will be able to understand the other concepts as well.

Further you will learn in these JEE video lectures for maths on parabola that, what denotes eccentricity.  Whether it is ellipse, hyperbola or parabola, the general form of equation for two dimension coordinate geometry remains the same.

The general form of equation is = ax2 + 2hxy + by2 + 2gx + 2fy + c = 0. Here delta is not equal to zero. This general form of equation requires delta should not be zero. If delta is zero then it represents pair of lines. If h2 = ab represents parabola, h2 < ab, then it will represent an ellipse or an imaginary ellipse as well. Imaginary ellipse means there is no possibility of real sets in this case. If h2 > ab, the general form of equation will represent a hyperbola.

Though the above notations are simple, but students must always remember these for future references. Also the eccentricity should be equal to, less than or greater to 1 respectively in the above three cases.

As you proceed towards watching of the video, you will be able to understand each and every concept in the simplest manner. Parabola is one of the important part of conic sections which have been diagrammatically explained in these IIT-JEE video lectures.