In this video lecture you will learn about the topic quadratic equations. Before understanding the topic we need to understand few concepts. Quadratic equations are the part of polynomial equations.

Suppose you have the following equation: a0xn + a1xn-1 + ……+ an = 0, these are constants, Constants can be real or imaginary numbers. We will be studying real numbers in quadratic equation. These types of equations, as mentioned above are polynomial equations of n degree. If n is 1, then it can also be called as a linear equation such ax+b = 0. If n = 2, then it will be called as a quadratic equation. It means a second degree equation. Example: ax2 + bx+ c = 0.  At n = 3 it is called cubicle equation, At n = 4, it is called bi-quadratic equation.

Identity and equations: Suppose you have a following of relation – (x-3)2 = x2 + 9 -6x. So this is an identity. This is true for all values of x. If we consider this type of relation: x2 -6x + 5 = 0. Then this is known as an equation. This is true only for two values of x.  This means that if there is polynomial such that f(x) = 0, if f(x) is of nth degree it will have n solutions. This means that f(x) = 0, will be possible for its roots. If x = a and f(a) = o, a is a root of polynomial. N degree polynomial will have exactly n roots or will have n solutions.

These JEE videos will give you clear insights about the chapter quadratic equation. While solving problems based on this topic, students will be able to solve the problems more easily. We have prepared these video lectures with all the supporting illustrations to provide the students with an overall view of the subject.

While watching this video on quadratic equation, all the JEE aspirants are required to remember the n degree used in that particular equations. Students should know as to what kind of equation they need to solve for. In the syllabus of quadratic equations we also see other equations which will help us in other chapters or as we progress towards this chapter itself.

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