In this video on JEE examination, we will be discussing about the topic sequence and series which is the third chapter of our syllabus. Now let us understand what is a sequence first. Basically, sequence implies the list of numbers in an order. Each number in the lists are called elements. Now suppose as per some rule, you write the following pattern of number like 1,3,5,7,9 etc or 2,4,8, 16 etc or you write 1,2,3,4,5 etc. These numbers have been written based on some rule such that each number is related to the other number.

Just like first number is related to second, second is related to third and so on. This relation can be anything such as an addition, division, multiplication, reciprocal etc. When these all are written, as per some rule, then they are known as a sequence. On the other hand, if we add them such as 1+3+6 etc or 2+4+6+8 etc then they are called as series.

Hence, they are all series together. We must see as to in how many forms we can classify or divide them or distribute them

Apart from the name sequence, it can also be called as a progression. On the other hand, series can also be known as sum of progression. Hence, we can see how many progressions are there. Arithmetic progression is an arithmetic progression which is a sequence whose terms increases or decreases by a fixed number. This fixed number is called common difference.

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