In these maths IIT JEE video lectures, we will discuss about a very important topic based on vectors. Vectors are a conceptual topic. Marks can be scored in this topic only when the IIT JEE aspirant completely understands the topic.

In this chapter, we have understood as to why are vectors invented and what is vector quantity. We must have studied this chapter in physics as well. In vectors, we need to understand different scalars as well such as time, mass, distance etc. For describing such terms a student need not require any definition. For example, someone ask you what is the time, then you will be able to say easily about so much hours or the minutes or the seconds. You can also count time, count mass such as kilogram, gram etc. Similarly, distance is the length of path. In such cases, no one will ask about direction. However, certain things require direction such as displacement, velocity, acceleration, force etc. These are vectors.

So, if someone asks you about force, so force always has a magnitude as well as a direction. Vectors have magnitude, direction and point of action. All three are very important. But the main properties of vectors are the magnitude and direction. However, the point of direction may change.

This video lecture on IIT JEE examination may consists of several minor concepts which you may have already studied in the past. However, in this chapter you will understand the wider application of the same. Students must have been aware of various scalars while studying physics however; vector enlarges the scope of each of these topics.

If vector is constant in magnitude and direction, it is known as a constant vector. This means there is no change in vector. Hence vector changes only when the magnitude and direction changes. However, the point of direction may also change. Also, remember that length is proportional to the magnitude of the vector. Direction such as east, west, north south etc are also important from here.

Apart from the other topics that students may have studied, vectors will also remind you of the science classes that have been studied. However, even I you do not remember on the basic you do not need to worry, as you will be made to understand in details in these video lectures.

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