When it comes to learning the compounds of the organic chemistry video lectures for iit jee, the first thing you study is alcohols like ethanol, phenol and so on. These are very simple compounds. They can be quickly picked by the students through video lectures. Students preparing for IIT JEE need to learn these concepts even more badly. Organic chemistry is easy if you undergo proper training and do not skip classes. The video on this page is aimed at taking you through the alcohols and their formulation. It explains in detail everything you need to know about alcohols. We will learn the properties of ethanol, phenol and how they react with other substances.

One of the most important things about organic chemistry is the nomenclature. Carbon compounds have many different rules of naming a compound. For instance, in case of alcohol, there are certain rules like number of carbon atoms and position of the bond. You have to learn these rules by heart to name the compound correctly. Similarly, there are rules which every alcoholic compound must follow in organic chemistry. The video teaches you all of these things in a simple and straight forward way. Also, this IIT JEE chemistry video lecture covers things that are important for advanced studies.

Preparing for IIT JEE requires a student to go through the normal rules as well as some advanced concepts of alcohols. If these are skipped, you can have a hard time during the examination. Therefore, no matter what happens, you should never skip any important topic that can be asked in the examination.

For students who are not sure how to differentiate between an alcohol and other carbon compounds of organic chemistry, this chapter can be very interesting. It will take you through the methods of determining if the compound in question is an alcohol or not. These video lectures will also help you then name them properly as per the world wide accepted format.

No matter if you are preparing for IIT JEE or some other advanced engineering entrance exam, knowledge of alcohol is the first step towards learning jee organic chemistry lectures. This video here exactly does that – teaches you alcohols.

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