Once a student has a little knowledge about how carbon, hydrogen and oxygen interact with each other within the realms of organic chemistry, the next step is learning aldehydes and ketones. This chapter is important from organic chemistry point of view because it is a little confusing topic. Many students who do not go through the revision properly have a hard time understanding the concept of aldehydes and ketones. The IIT JEE chemistry video here explains both of them in detail. The video also makes the student understand the importance of learning the naming conventions.

If you think you need revision on the topics of organic chemistry, these jee chemistry videos can definitely help. They are highly detailed and explain the concepts properly. They are created keeping in mind the need of the students who are preparing for IIT JEE. Even if you are not preparing for IIT JEE, you must be preparing for some other exam. These videos will help you for every exam, including your board exam.

Coming to the topic of organic chemistry, especially the particular topic of aldehydes and ketones, it is important that you understand the importance of each and every term used in the topic. There are many technical terms like covalent bond and valency that are actively used. Hence, a student must be well versed with this terminology as well. Another important thing to know before starting this chapter is that a student must know the basic properties of carbon. Carbon tends to form a bond very quickly. So, how does an aldehyde or a ketone is formed – this is interesting to learn. Another interesting thing in this chapter is seeing how a different kind of substance is formed using the same atoms but different bonding positions. You will be amazed to learn how a substance with equal number of carbon atoms and oxygen and hydrogen atoms act differently. Therefore, their nomenclature rules are also different. However, the basic rules of nomenclature remain same not only in this chapter but the whole of organic chemistry. Ketones and aldehydes is an important chapter and IIT JEE organic chemistry video is an interesting way to learn it.

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