The world around us builds up very small particles called molecules. Each molecule can further be divided into several small particles called atoms. Now a molecule can have similar kind of atoms or atoms of different elements. For example, a molecule of oxygen has 2 atoms of oxygen bonded together. Whereas, a molecule of water has 2 atoms of hydrogen and an atom of oxygen bonded together. That is all we learn in video lecture for iit jee chemistry. Thus, there is a difference in the composition of the molecules of 1 substance to the molecules of another substance. Till now, you were studying how these molecules are formed and its structure but now as per IIT JEE, you must know the structure of the atoms.

Interestingly, atom is still not the smallest particle of the universe. An atom is further divided into 3 parts – protons, electrons and neutrons. However, the number of these particles and their combinations differ from one substance to another. Within the same chapter, there are many concepts that have a rigid and extensive terminology. If you are preparing for IIT JEE, you must be well versed with this terminology to do well in the exam. In fact, not only IIT JEE, you need to have knowledge of these concepts even for your school exams.

The IIT JEE chemistry videos for atomic structure present here will take you through each and every term of this chapter. It will explain everything in detail and with perfect examples. If you miss out anything, you can simply rewind the chapter and look at the concept again and again until you completely understand it. The instructors in the video are highly trained professionals who know the subject inside out. They know and understand the pattern of JEE and hence lay stress on the most important concepts from IIT JEE point of view.

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