When you start studying chemistry, with every chapter you will learn that Chemistry has some laws and rules that every topic follows. For example, one of the rules is that every atom requires 8 atoms in its outer shell to be stable. Thus, every chapter that is present in chemistry will aim at satisfying this law. These are the basic things in chemistry that everyone should know. In fact, if you are preparing for competitive exams, you have to know such things because without these, you cannot simply clear the subject. To make the students understand the important basics of chemistry, we have created the IIT JEE chemistry video on basics of chemistry. This video covers all the terminology that you must know to understand chemistry and advanced chemistry terms.

IIT JEE chemistry video lectures help you understand and strengthen your basic concepts of the chemistry. It also focuses on the advanced chemistry concepts and helps you make a strong base for the rest of the subject. Chemistry is easy and pretty straight forward. All you need is a good teacher or at the least, a reliable source of knowledge. With the IIT JEE chemistry lectures on this website, you get both of these in a simple package. You can go through them when you want and how you want. You can skip the chapters you are strong in and jump straight to the chapters that need revision. You can also rewind the chapters as and when you need, until you get a clear understanding of the topic. The videos uploaded on this website cover: chemical bonds, periodic table, solutions and suspensions, chemical equilibrium, chemical thermodynamics and what not.

As a matter of fact, these basic chemistry videos can not only boost your basics and help you learn the subject; these videos can also help you during your revisions. Revisions are of most importance when it comes to studying for competitive exams. The difference between a good score and a bad score depends on the quality of revision you do. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the video resources of basics of chemistry on this website to learn and understand the subject.

basic principle of iit jee chemistry video