One of the primary concepts of chemistry after atoms and molecules are the bonds between the atoms that create molecules. We will study all these in this video for iit jee chemistry. There are numerous compounds in the universe. In fact, if you keep two elements together, chances are that they will react and form something. Going by this analogy, there are endless possibilities of substances that can be formed. However, there are only a limited number of bonds that each atom makes with another atom. This bond can be in between the same atoms or different atoms. By same atoms I mean, atoms of the same substance. For example, in a molecule of oxygen, we have 2 atoms of oxygen and in a molecule of hydrogen, we have two hydrogen atoms. And when I say different atoms, I mean atoms of different substances. For instance, water is formed by 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen thus making it a compound having atoms of different elements. Another example from daily life is that of carbon dioxide. It is composed of 1 atom of carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen. The atoms in the compounds combine with each other differently. Broadly, they can form two kinds of bonds – ionic and covalent bond. There are some elements that form only the ionic bond and then there are some that form only covalent bonds. However, there are a few special elements, which form both kinds of bonds.

It is important to learn the different kinds of atomic bonds in chemistry. The following jee physical chemistry video will demonstrate the difference in the chemical bonds and help you understand the basics of it. Later in jee chemistry video, we also cover some advanced topics like when is a chemical bond formed and when is a covalent bond formed. Summarizing, in an ionic bond, transfer of electrons take place while in a covalent bond, atoms share electrons within themselves thus satisfying each other’s requirement of electrons. From IIT JEE point of view as well as considering the other exams you will appear for, knowledge of chemical bonds is a must. Clear understanding of this topic will help you in understanding several topics of chemistry that come later in the syllabus.

chemical bonding video for iit jee syllabus