Periodicity lecture of iit jee chemistry

When it comes to inorganic chemistry lectures for iit jee, when the periodic table is concerned, the repetition of properties after a fixed amount of intervals, or recurring variations in the properties of the elements due to the same atomic structure. Periodicity is a fun and interesting topic. Moreover, it covers one of the major portions of inorganic chemistry for students preparing for IIT JEE and therefore these lectures should not be missed or skipped. The video lecture will explain why the elements of the same group have some properties in common and what the trend is as the atomic number increases.
The importance of periodicity is it tells us- for example why the Halogens of group 17 show similar properties when they react with any acid or base. In a similar way, we can guess the properties of other elements too. The periodicity is a concept that raised from Mendeleev’s periodic table in the 19th century and since that we’ve been analysis the properties of various elements. All the elements which have a valency of 4 are in the 14th group and thus we can see a clear trend.
If you’re preparing for IIT JEE, you must have a complete and thorough knowledge of periodicity. Periodicity covers a major part of your paper too and the best part is that it is a topic in which you can score marks very easily. This video lecture will provide you complete knowledge and guide you through the basics of periodic chemistry starting from the very beginning, since the first periodic table by Dobereiner in 1829. Since then we have made many advancements and we’ve discovered all the elements of the periodic table.
While preparing for any competitive exams, be it for IIT JEE or any other, you should not miss the lectures of such important topics which can get you marks easily. Rather master that topic and you’ll find it pretty easy and you will score better marks. These concepts are going to help you further also. Moreover what we ultimately desire is knowledge and understanding of the periodic table and its periodicity for which this video lecture is exactly made.
If you really want to master iit jee chemistry then you must read this chapter as third chapter. We also say read it three times at least. With the knowledge of relationship and elements and their relative property no one understands chemistry at all

Periodicity iit jee videos for chemistry