In chemistry, we study the various kinds of substances available to us. These can be anything ranging from the purest form of gold to the heterogeneous mixture of zinc and magnesium which makes little sense. Whatever, be the substance it has certain physical and chemical properties. Also, due to these properties, there is a significant change in the activities shown by these substances. Today, through the IIT JEE videos for chemistry we are going to focus on one such type of substance that is known as solution.

In general terms, a solution is a mixture of two or more liquids or solids with at least one being a liquid. However, in more specific terms and the terminology used in chemistry, there is more to solutions that just mixing 2 or more things. A solution can be of two types depending on the nature of mixture it is. If the overall mixture has a uniform composition throughout, it is called a homogeneous mixture while if a solution has varying composition, it is referred to as a heterogeneous mixture. Still, there is a lot of difference between solution and a mixture and thus you need to study them separately. IIT jee chemistry videos here clearly explain all the differences.

In fact, they not only explain the differences, they also focus on the physical and chemical characters of the substances. If you are preparing for IIT JEE, these kinds of questions are pretty straight forward and always asked. Also, as a student who is preparing for such a hard exam, you are already expected to know these simple topics by heart. In case you have not learnt them already, do not worry. We have created specialized IIT JEE chemistry videos on solutions that will help you understand everything about solutions and all the things you need to know about related topics.

All you need to do is to pick a pen and a paper, play the video and start making notes. In case you do not understand a concept, simply rewind the video and go through it again until and unless you have it clear in your mind. This chapter is easy and should not be a roadblock on your path to IIT.

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