When we talk about any substance – an element, a mixture or a compound, no matter what, we are basically talking matter. It is what forms the contents of anything you can touch and feel in the universe. It is measurable and has a lot of importance in the chemistry and many other branches of science. However, right now, we are going to talk about the states of the matter. By states we mean the physical conditions in which the matter can exist. Summarizing this, matter can be present in three states. These are: Solid, liquid and gas. Physical chemistry video lecture for jee we will study gaseous state of matter. These states exist and depend on various factors. However, most of all the state of matter depends upon the temperature. Moreover different metals exist in different state at a particular temperature. For example, at room temperature, iron exists in the solid state while oxygen exists in the gaseous state and water exists in the liquid state. Thus, important to learn how temperature can affect the state of matter. Apart from temperature, pressure is another thing that can affect the state of matter.

If you are looking for a detailed explanation of the phenomenon of state of matter and how it varies with pressure and temperature, the Chemistry JEE video lecture on state of matter can help you. This video covers each and every concept of the state of matter and clearly demonstrates how it is changed. Not only the video talks about how state of the matter changes from solid to liquid and then to gas, it also tells you why such happens.

The IIT JEE aspirants must have clear understanding of the role of temperature in the process. They should know how temperature can excite the electrons and atoms and the activities that they then carry out. These activities are the main reason the state of matter changes. If you are unsure how that happens, watching the video is highly recommended.

No matter at what point you are at with regards to your preparations, there is no better way to learn states of matter than the JEE mains chemistry video lectures.

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