An important concept in chemistry is that of chemical reactions and the heat energy associated with them. If you are not aware of the advanced concepts involved in chemical reactions, this will be a shocker for you. Every time a reaction happens, there is some energy released or taken in. This energy released or consumed happens in the form of heat. The method of knowing the kind of energy flow is through measurement of temperature. However, in many cases merely observing a reaction is enough evidence. Also, the study of this heat is called as thermodynamics that we will study in this video lecture for jee physical chemistry. Talking broadly, there is more than just heat energy that goes into thermodynamics.

If you ask any student who is new to this chapter, he will be dreaded by the name. Not because it is big and lengthy but because it is hard to grasp. Without proper training, understanding and learning this chapter is a time consuming and challenging task. Considering that you do not have time to waste, the best way to learn it is through the IIT JEE videos on chemistry for thermodynamics. This chemistry chapter is converted into a fun learning experience by these videos. Hence, you should not be wasting your time on other sources.

Many students borrow notes from their peers to study this chapter. Going through the IIT JEE physical chemistry video will make you self-sufficient well versed with the terms and concepts of this chapter. Also, once you have a hold over the chapters, it will be easy and fun. Many teachers who teach thermodynamics, do it halfheartedly. Not because they do not want to teach but because they do not understand the chapter fully. Therefore, we recommend you to go through the IIT JEE videos listen on this page to learn the ins and outs of thermodynamics and chemical energetics.

These videos can be watched by anyone. They are not the videos that jus cover the advanced topics of the chapter. They include each and every concept right from the beginning, till the end. Thus, they cover basics of the heat related processes in chemistry as well. Even if you are revising thermodynamics, go through these videos to learn everything by-heart.

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