Transitional elements, in general are those elements which occupy the d- and f- block in the periodic table. According to the standard definition elements having partially filled d sub-shell, or which gives cations with an incomplete d sub-shell.” Scientists assume that the elements in the d- block are known as transition elements and the lanthanide and the actinide series in the f-block are known as inner transition elements. This topic is very interesting, especially for those having an interest in inorganic chemistry and for those who have their previous concepts cleared. The lectures for this are very important to attend if you are preparing for IIT JEE or any other competitive exam seriously. It lays down foundation to understand organic chemistry. These are used for most of organic reactions as a catalyst. Every element in first series has importance in our life and can easily understand.
This iit jee chemistry videos over here tell you everything you need to know about the transition elements including their properties, their patterns or trends and reactivity. The configuration for these elements is [Inert Gas] (n-1) d1-10ns1-2. However the elements in the sixth and seventh period also have added (n-2) f1-14 electrons. The concepts like oxidation states, magnetism, catalytic properties and physical properties are also covered in the video lectures.
Periodicity among the periods is also an interesting concept that would increase your interest in this topic. These topics are some of the few topics, in which scoring is very easy. So, you don’t want to be missing out on these questions in your IIT JEE examination, because losing marks in these topics can be a huge blow to your preparations for you entrance examination,
Not only from the IIT JEE point of view, but there are other competitive exams as well which ask many questions from this topic. In such case, if you’ve missed your lectures, then you need to cover them up as soon as possible. The video lecture over here will cement all of your weak concepts and thus you’ll be a master in this topic, which will help in scoring well in the exams. The chelating properties, ligands and other important concepts are also very well and efficiently covered up in this video lecture.
Easy to moderate level problems are asked in jee mains level. Electronic configuration is a must learn tool for solving problems from this chapter one should always be ready to write electronic configuration of any element in series. Coordination compound is based on this chapter and that also needs it.

iit jee chemistry lectures on transition elements