This video for jee physics will help you understand the topic COM- Center of Mass.  Center of mass is one of the easiest topics in physics. In this IIT JEE video,  we will take elaborately on center of mass, center of gravity,  center of mass of two particle system, center of mass for many particle system, talk about the x and y coordinate of center of mass of the three particle system, center of mass of continuous mass distribution and discuss about some problems. Center of mass basically is an virtual point where the all the mass of the body is assumed to be placed.  For example in the case of a uniform rod, the center of mass is at the center of the rod. The next topic discussed is the center of gravity, which is the point through which the weight acts. In the case of the center of mass of continuous distribution the mass is infinitely very small, and here the value for x is different. And discuss the further cases, the next part of it can be checked in the next video.

Most of the students find it hard to solve problems of COM, as their basics are not cleared. So for the Students aspiring for competitive exams like IITJEE can find all their problems solved, as we are discussing it from the very basics. In this iit jee physics video,  we are going find out how the center of mass of two particle system is M*r/ m+M, how the center of mass for many-particle systems is mean of the product of mass and their coordinates,  x-axis coordinates for x-axis and y coordinates for y-axis and much more. The lecture is both in English and Hindi for the convinced of the student preparing for JEE exams. So now you get it, how easy it is to find the center of mass of a thick wire which is bent into ‘U’ shape.