In this JEE Maths video lecture we will be learning about differential equation. This is a very big chapter. However, this IIT JEE video lectures have briefed up each lesson to give you detailed understanding of the topic. Though this chapter is vast, we have made this topic precise in this video lecture. If you look at the actual curriculum of maths and physics subject, you will find that the major part of this subject is covered by differential equation. In higher classes physics and maths becomes single subject and differential equation becomes a major part of it.

Numerous researches have been done on differential equation and at times these equations are easy to solve. However, there are several differential equation problems which remain unsolved since many years. Students may be surprised to know that for solving certain differential equation, the price quoted can be as high as 1 million in certain cases. So, you can always see those sites and one of the sites is www.claymathorgin. In this site students, will be able to see such unsolved differential equations.

We study the equations comprising of various variables including x, y etc which also includes higher order derivatives etc. Differential equations are made using such variables which may also include derivatives of high order as well. In all the differential equation, you will find the first order of derivatives denoted by dy/ dx. Note here that there can be no differential equation without dy/dx.

While studying this chapter, students should keep this mind that the differential equation is vast. We need to understand as what and how this topic is needed to be studied. This video lecture gives an entire briefed outline of the topic differential equation. In these video lectures, you will also be studying about ordinary differential equation which are said to be equations having one independent variable and one dependent variable along with their respective derivatives.

Though differential calculus is a vast subject you need to breakdown this chapter under small heads to study it thoroughly. Also, do not miss this topic at any cost because it is an important part of the total curriculum of your maths as well as physics subject. Also, students will learn with practical examples about partial differentiation equation which means an equation having partial derivatives.