This JEE video lecture is specially designed with the solution of the question paper of IIT-JEE maths paper. This will help you to revise the entire curriculum studied in the video lectures. Each question is solved step by step to give the students detailed understanding of the questions.
All that a student needs to do is follow the entire video lecture one by one and then practice the same for future references. Solving the questions of past year papers makes you do the revision of the entire syllabus as studied.
You must have studied several chapters and could solve the problems under those respective chapters. However, in examination students offer suffer from the problem of getting nervous, as questions from all chapters are mixed and given. By solving the previous year’s papers students are prevented from suffering from this problem. Practicing such question papers become important to get the sample of the pattern of questions in the past. This video lecture is basically a bonus lecture that will help you practically prepare for JEE examination.
Also, while watching these video lectures, try to solve the problems yourself before seeing the solution. It may happen that at times you do not get the right answer. Do not worry, watch the solution to the problem and then do the solution as shown in the video lecture. The solutions to the problems in the video lectures are done step wise along with the relevant explanations mentioned in each of the problem sum. This will help the students to get a better understanding of the topic.
Not only students will get the theoretical view of the video lecture, they will also get a practical view of the problem sums with relevant examples. Our main purpose is to help you crack the exams with good marks. Video lectures like these on the solution of the problems will help you to understand the concept better.
None of the questions have been answered in hurry so each of the JEE aspirant will be able to understand the concepts slowly and usefully. Often in professional exams students get lectures from previous examination which may just be the copy of the sums that had come in earlier paper. Video lectures like these will help you score better by solving the previous year examination papers.