In this iit jee physics video lecture, we are, going to discuss one of the easiest yet hard IIT JEE topics which are kinematics. In the physic video, we will have a look on types of kinematics, distance, displacement, types of speed, and types of velocity. Before moving on to understand what these terms are, you as students need to have good knowledge in trigonometry, coordinate geometry, vectors, integration, differentiation, definite integration, quadratic equations, ap, gp, and hp.

Kinematics is part of mechanics. Mechanics are two types,

  1. Classical mechanics: In this, the speed of the particle is less that the speed of light and the size of the particle is significant.
  2. Quantum mechanics: In this, the size of the particle is very small and is comparable to the size of an electron, proton, etc.
  3. Relativistic mechanics: In this, the speed of the particle is nearly same as the speed of the light.

In this jee physics video, we are going to discuss only classical mechanics. In classical mechanics again there are two types,

  1. Kinematics: In this, we study about the causes of motion.
  2. Dynamics: In this, we study about the reason behind the motion.

Next, in jee physics we have discussed rest and motion. In the case of rectilinear motion, i.e. motion along a straight line. If we plot a graph and we find that the object is at the same point over a period of time then it is in rest. If the object moves over the period of time then it is in motion. We then found out that motion and rest are relative. Next topic discussed is distance, which is the length of the path travelled and is a scalar quantity. In the above video, we have discussed distance in both 1-D motion and 2-D motion. Next moving on to the displacement, it is the change in the position vector and is a vector quantity. Even displacement is discussed for both 1-D and 2-D motions and various cases are also discussed. The next topic discussed is speed, which is of two types, instantaneous and average speed. The last and the final topic discussed is velocity, which is also of two types, instantaneous velocity, and average velocity.

Kinematics is one of the most important and crucial topics for IIT JEE physics lectures and thus are very important that you understand it from the roots.