In this physics video lecture for iit jee mains, we will learn thermodynamics. The topics discussed in the above physics video are,

  • System and surroundings
  • Process
  • Quasi-static process
  • Reversible and irreversible processes
  • First law of thermodynamics

We have started with small definitions. So what is a system? In thermodynamics for iit jee physics, a system is something that can interact with surroundings and exchange energy. The part other than the system is known as surroundings. We will mainly discuss closed systems in this physics video class. Closed systems are those systems in which there is no mass transfer, only energy transfer is there. Next, we have what is a process. The process is the change in the temperature, pressure, volume of a system. There are various types of processes based on the thermodynamic variables (P, V, and T). Further e have discussed quasi a static process. A quasi-static process is a process which is carried out at a very slow rate so that at any instant of time the system is in equilibrium with the surroundings. Most of the processes discussed in this chapter are going to be a quasi-static process.

Next, we have discussed Reversible and irreversible processes. This is a pretty concept.

  • Conditions for a Reversible process:

1)    It should be a quasi-static process

2)    No dissipative force like friction or viscosity

When these two conditions are not present then the process is known as an irreversible process.

Then we have included the first law of thermodynamics in this physics video. This is also known as the consequence of the law of conservation of energy.

This is all there in this video. This is a pretty simple topic if you understand the sign conventions well as they play a very important role. So make sure before you go further in the chapter, you know the sign conventions well.  To learn more about thermodynamics, continue with us.

thermodynamics iit jee physics video lectures