This video for iit jee physics we will help you to understand the physics topic work energy power. In this IIT video, we will learn examples about the definition of work in physics, examples of work done, the scalar product of vectors, work carried out by a constant magnitude force acting in one direction, and a few problems based on it. Work done in physics can be defined as the product of the magnitude of the component of force in the direction of shift in position vector and magnitude of that vector. The examples of work are, work done by lifting a loaf by labor, work done by the gravitational force when the lift is going upwards, etc. In the case of the scalar product of vectors or dot product of vectors, we will learn how to find the product. There are three cases for work done by a constant force,
1. 0° ≤ θ < 90°, then the work done is positive.
2. 90° < θ ≤ 180°, then the work done is negative.
3. θ = 90°, then the work done is zero.
And related examples to these three cases are also present.
Most of the students find it hard to solve physics, as their basics are not cleared. So for the Students aspiring for competitive exams like IITJEE can find all their problems solved, as we are discussing it from the very basics. In this physics class, we are going find out how Work done (W) = Fscosθ. Then we are going find out the vector or dot product of A•B is |A||B|cosθ. The lecture is both in English and Hindi for the convinced of the student preparing for JEE exams. So now you know how easy it is to find work when a particle moves by a distance x m and is acted upon by a constant force.