In 21st century cd dvd players and then writers evolved. Initial cost of dvd writer was 10,000/- which is now about 1,000/- in only 10 years cost of cd dvd becomes 10 times less.

This gave and extra way of expanding educational content specially science content in media of cd and dvd.

In the market several types of iit jee videos are available in cd dvd media. Some iit jee video dvd coaching provide cd dvd which cannot be copied to PC and can be run on dvd player as well such iit jee video dvds are subject to damage in handling in 3-4 months. Also it is very uneasy to handle 40-50 dvds which contain only 200-300 hrs iit jee video.

While there are many iit videos are in very low cost dvd that cannot run more than 2-3 times, such dvd are only waste of money because good quality video cannot be seen in TV Screen.

Now a days many iit jee coaching are providing their videos in dvd and most of them are classroom  lectures that are video recordings of their lectures. The big disadvantages of such videos are that it is prepared by ordinary hired teachers and also contains errors and skipping of concepts. In a classroom recorded video the audio quality is very bad and it is not possible to bear that video
more than 30 minutes.

While iit jee master is the only HD video provider in a software form that all data can be copied in PC hard disc drive and then can be used any number of times, such software provides HD video audio that is of about 700 hrs in a small memory of around 40 GB. These iit jee dvd can be replaced for free in case of any damage. Also these software by iit jee master is built with great care and it is of best quality iit jee cd dvd video software provider in the country. All videos delivered by a top ranker teacher.

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