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IIT-JEE video lecture cd dvd

In 21st century cd dvd players and then writers evolved. Initial cost of dvd writer was 10,000/- which is now about 1,000/- in only 10 years cost of cd dvd becomes 10 times less. This gave and extra way of expanding educational content specially science content in media of cd and dvd. In the market several [...]

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IIT JEE Coaching on tablet

With the rise of mobiles and tablets iit jee e-learning has got a new way of study. Although both iit jee video coaching and tablet technology has grown all together in last 3-4 years. There are 4-5 types of iit jee coaching tablets are available in the market. IIT JEE training videos are available [...]

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Best iit jee books

The set of books used by students for iit jee since 1980-90 has changed many times. This change are due to exam level, pattern and availability of study materials and coaching classes in the market. Before 1990 problems asked iit jee was not so difficult and competition was also moderate. Student had a few choice between books [...]

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I. E. Irodov book Problems in General Physics

The Best of all time I E Irodov’s Problems in general Physics has unparallel place in Physics problem books in the whole world. First publiser was Mir Publication Moskov Russia. It is now publised by various publishers in India also. It contains 1878 Problems of Physics some problems and about 200-300 is out of itt jee mains [...]

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